Create cover letter for Schengen visa application in 4 easy steps

When applying for a Schengen visa, you need to submit a cover letter as part of your visa documentation (see last point in the link) but the consulate does not make it clear how to write one or even what details to include in your visa letter.

A cover letter for visa is your visa letter to the immigration officer for help in approving your visa, that is why it is also called a personal cover letter. So by definition, each cover letter would be different.

This post will show you how to create (not type or write or copy) one for your own visa purpose using VisaLetter app, and samples for every possible scenario.

CreateCover Letter for
visa in 5 minutes

Your cover letter is the first document
that the consulate will read. 

Make a great first impression with
FlightGen App. 

Although the process is easy, this format has been used by over 50,000 visa applicants to get their visa approved so it is mighty effective .

What does a cover letter or visa letter mean ?

Simply put, a cover letter or visa application letter or Schengen visa application letter is a pdf document providing a brief of your purpose of travel, proof of sustenance (how is the trip funded ?), travel dates and your general day-wise plan (travel itinerary) that you intend to pursue (for tourist & business Schengen visas ) if your visa is approved.

Clearly, it is very important part of the visa process as it provides clarity to your visa officer.

In fact the visa letter goes on top of your Schengen visa application form and is the first document that the visa approval officer would read to understand your application.

What details to include in a cover letter for Schengen visa ?

A good cover letter for Schengen visa would have the following information in the given order:

  • Address of the General Schengen consulate (Find the address on google and add it.)
  • Subject describing the type of visa.
  • Travel start and end date along with duration of stay in days in the Schengen region.
  • Purpose or theme of your travel
  • Who or how are your paying for the trip ? (yourself, spouse, host or company)
  • Proof of accommodation (as part of the itinerary)
  • Day-wise travel itinerary, if business or a tourist visa , not necessary for a visitor visa
  • Your employment or business information.
  • Documents you will be submitting towards your Schengen visa.
  • Your contact information if the consulate wants to get in touch with you.

4 Steps to create cover letter for Schengen visa

In short, if you want to just generate your letter (and save 1 hour in doing so ) then just follow these 4 steps :

  • Watch the tutorial for FlightGen
  • Download the app (For IOS , for Android)
  • Answer the questions in the Letter Wizard
  • Preview, Complete payment of $4.99 and download your pdf

Watch the tutorial

It takes just 5 minutes(with live demo) but make it super clear how you can use the app to make your own cover letter. No need to spend an hour in research and creating one from scratch.

Now that you have done that, it should be clear on how to make a cover letter for Schengen visa.

Download the App

Next download our app and create an account (recommended) . You can also use the app as guest but you will not be able to retrieve your cover letters if you change your phone or it gets damaged.

CreateCover Letter for
visa in 5 minutes

Your cover letter is the first document
that the consulate will read. 

Make a great first impression with
FlightGen App. 

Answer the questions in the Letter Wizard

If ever you have doubt in any section of the app, all you need to do is tap on the (i) on the section and a tutorial will help you in understanding the field better.

Complete payment & download your cover letter

All that is left for you to do is check if your cover letter looks good and complete payment of $4.99 and download it & take a printout, sign at the bottom and submit.

Once paid, you are free to make unlimited edits & download without any further payment.

Important detail to know about cover letter

A cover letter is also known as personal covering letter because it is only applicable to you. Even if you are travelling with your wife/husband, their letter would be different and you cannot copy paste as it is.

Personal cover letter is a combination of :

Purpose of travel(8 types)+employment status(6 types) + Schengen country of visa application (25 possible countries)

So if you see there are a possible 1,200 combinations of cover letters !!

So it is highly unlikely to find a perfect visa letter format for your need, so the best option would be to generate your own cover letter using our VisaLetter app in under 5 minutes.

If you however want to write your own then use the below examples as a combination of purpose of travel (tourist visa, business visa, visitor visa etc ), your employment type (business owner, retired, employed) and the Schengen country you are visiting (Austria, Germany, Italy).

So take 3 cover letters and create the right one for you.

Sample visa cover letter for Schengen visa application

Using the app, you should have a perfectly formatted cover letter generated for you like this below example.

However, if you do not want to use the app to create your letter , then below is sample visa request letter to the embassy . I am applying here for Spain tourist visa with the Spanish embassy.

Consulate of Spain

Minerva Mall, Kalasipalya
Chennai. -56110

Nov 30, 2022

Subject: Approval of my Schengen Tourist Visa with Spanish Consulate

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to visit Spain for tourism between Dec 10, 2022 and Dec 20, 2022 I will also be
travelling to Netherlands & Portugal .

Travel Purpose: I am going to visit my aunt who lives in Barcelona & also watch a match in camp Nou since I am an ardent football fan.

As Indian citizen, I need to get a Schengen Tourist Visa for the same.This would explain the details of
my trip and make a case for the issuance of my visa.

  • Dec 10, 2022 : Land in Barcelona from Chennai
  • Dec 11, 2022 : Visit Gaudi Church in Barcelona
  • Dec 12, 2022 : Day tour around Barcelona
  • Dec 13, 2022 : Have lunch with friends in Ibiza
  • Dec 14, 2022 : Fly back to India

Myself self employed and I run an aquascape company in Bangalore. I am the bearer of all my travel expenses on this trip.
I am following the requirements as mentioned on the German consulate website.
Please find enclosed the following documents to support my Schengen Tourist Visa application :

  • Hotel bookings made for this trip.
  • ITR filed for the company upto the latest Financial year
  • My business license/ incorporation
  • Travel Itinerary during my trip as mentioned above.
  • Attested Bank Statement for the last 6 months
  • Proof ofInvitation from my host
  • Flight itinerary from an agent. The itinerary will be ticketed once visa is approved.
  • Duly filled visa application form

I trust you will find that everything is in order. If you need to contact me for further clarification or
additional details on my application my details are below.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Date: Nov 30, 2022

( Joseph J )
Ph : +9104083923
Email: [email protected]

Cover letter Sample based on visa types

There are 8 types of Schengen short-stay visas depending on your purpose of travel .

For instance, if you want to visit a friend family or relative, then you need to have a Schengen visitor visa, or if you are visiting Europe for business purposes, then you will be applying for Schengen business visa .

Therefore, the format of the cover letter would be different based on your visa type.

Schengen Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is one of the most common types of visa and the letter format would contain:

  • Travel Dates 
  • Purpose of travel (Example : I am going on a honeymoon with my wife to )
  • Day wise itinerary
  • Who is bearing the expense?
  • Your work status

To know more about cover letter for Schengen tourist visa

Schengen Business Visa

If the main purpose of travel is business, then you need to add the purpose of travel ( is this for training, meeting or to conclude a business deal), who is funding your trip (the inviting company or your company ?) and a general day wise plan on what your travel agenda is. You may also add a bit of tourism in your cover letter if you intend to do so.

You can know more cover letter format for Schengen business visa with sample here.

Schengen Visitor Visa​

If your purpose of travelling to Europe is to visit a friend, family or relative, then you need to apply for Schengen visitor visa

For this type of visa, you need to also provide invitation letter for Schengen visa stating who handles the expenses of the trip and the address where you would be hosted. You may also need to submit a copy of the inviter’s passport or residence permit.

To know more about creating a cover letter for Schengen visitor visa

Schengen Spouse Visa​

If your husband or wife is staying in Europe, you will need to apply for a Spousal visa, then the cover letter documents submitted section must include, two application forms, marriage certificate, spouse passport or residence permit.

To know more about cover letter for Schengen Spouse visa

For Schengen Student visa

If the purpose of your traveling to Europe is to study, then you will need a Schengen student visa then you can use the below sample letter.

To know more about creating a cover letter for Student visa

Schengen Transit visa

If you are traveling to a different country and using any of Europe’s airports for transit (For ex Frankfurt airport is one of busiest airports in the world), then you will need to get a transit visa.

You can use the below sample to create your transit visa letter.

To know more about cover letter for Schengen transit visa

Schengen Medical visa

It is a known fact that American medical bills are going through the roof and sometimes it is cheaper to visit Spain get your dental done and have a mini holiday and fly back to US.

If you want to undergo such adventures, then you will need a Schengen medical visa. The visa letter format for this would be.

To know more about cover letter for Schengen medical visa.

Schengen Work visa

If you want to engage in employment or already have an offer letter from a company in Europe, then you will need to get a Schengen work visa. The cover letter for that would mention a work contract and you will also need to submit 2 visa application forms instead of one.

To know more about cover letter for Schengen Work visa

Schengen Sports, Culture visa

Fancy watching your favourite football team play ? Or want to visit the Vatican for cultural experience ? Then you need to apply for Schengen culture visa .

Schengen visa letter based on your work status

As mentioned before, the details in your cover letter could change based on your work status, as the documents you submit for Schengen visa is different if you are an employee compared to a retired applicant.

Again you could use VisaLetter App, to create your own personalised cover letter for Schengen visa

For employed/professionals

If you are employed, then make sure that you add your designation as well as company name in your cover letter.

In addition, the requirements for employed visa applicants such as employment letter, bank statements of upto 6 months with salary credit & latest 3 ITR statements.

For self-employed/business owners

If you are self-employed or own a business, then your cover letter must have a brief description of your company and the nature of your work.

Examples would be :

I am a freelance mobile app developer for the last 4 years. I have worked with over 30 clients and currently working on 2 major projects.
I own a pharmacy in Delhi, India for the last 20 years.
I own framlands in Africa and using the agricultural proceeds from my farm to fund my trip.
I am an entrepreneur who has published 20 apps on playstore.

One or 2 lines about your business would be ideal.

In addition, the schengen visa requirements for business needs you to provide copy of your incorporation certificate as well as latest 2 years ITR.

For unemployed

if unemployed, the main thing that needs to be proven is proof of sustenance (How are you paying for the trip ?).

So in this case you need to show that you do have sufficient funds to pay for the trip (via bank statements) or if someone else is sponsoring your trip, then you need to have a sponsorship letter.

For Minors

Yes. you need to provide a Schengen visa if you are a minor and by extension a cover letter for the same.

Also if you are providing any of the below documents add that in the cover letter too.

  • Family court order (in case parents are divorced)
  • Birth certificate
  • Application form signed by both the parents
  • ID proofs of both the parents
  • Notarised authorisation from both the parents to allow the child to travel (if travelling alone)

For Retired

If you are retired, then the important detail to add in your cover letter would be proof of sustenance such as bank statements, sponsorship letter or proof of pension or pension order.

Cover letter samples for each Schengen country

Again there are 23 countries that are part of the Schengen Agreement, which means there are 23 types of cover letters possible. We have added a sample for each and every country below.

Cover letter for Austria Schengen visa

If the main theme of your travel is Austria, then you will need to apply for Austria Schengen visa so naturally your visa letter would be written addressing the Austrian embassy.

To know more about creating a cover letter for Austria visa, you can visit the below link. Here you will find samples for all visa types and work status

Cover letter for Austria Schengen visa

Cover letter for Germany Schengen visa

If you are applying for Germany visa, then you will need to craft your cover letter addressing the German consulate.

Therefore we have an article dedicated to visa applicants who are applying with Germany, you can read that.

Cover letter for Germany Schengen visa

FAQ on Cover Letter for Schengen visa application

Where can I submit my Cover Letter for France Schengen Visa?

Your cover letter and visa application paperwork must be brought to the visa appointment. 
This is usually done at the German consulate, or at a centre that facilitates visa issuance, such as VFS or BLSS.

How important is a cover letter for German visa Application ?

For any visa application, particularly Schengen visas, a cover letter is essential.

It serves two purposes. It provides clarity to the visa officer about your travel plans, and makes it easier to approve or (deny!) your visa application.

First, your documentation will be checked to make sure it matches the information in your cover letter. Your visa approval will be easy if this is the case.

This is the only place that you can communicate with the visa officer as a visa applicant. So it is your chance to make a case for your visa approval.

A cover letter well-written can make or break your France visa application.

What is an introductory letter for visa application?

Sometimes, introduction letters are referred to as personal cover letters (also known as visa letters).

It’s intended to give information to visa officers about your trip. They will then cross-refer it with your supporting documents.

If all facts are confirmed, your application for visa approval will be processed quickly.

How to write an introductory letter for German visa application ?

The fastest way to get your introductory letter is by downloading the FlightGen App and let the AI do the work for you !!.
However if you want to write one on your own, then you can use the below example and create one for yourself.

Sample introductory letter

Do we need a cover letter for a visitor visa in the UK?

Yes. For UK visitor visa, a cover letter is required. While this article is focused on cover letters for German Schengen visas, you can use the same for UK visitor visas by altering the address and documentation sections.

How long should a cover letter for German Schengen visa be?

A cover letter that is well-written should not exceed 2 pages. This limit is the maximum length you can put in for your visa application.

Avoid getting too personal with visa officers and keep your letter concise in all sections.

What is intended with a letter of application?

The main goal of letter of application is to provide clarity on why your visa must be approved to the visa officer. By reading your visa letter the visa officer must have all the important facts needed to understand your visa application.

What is the best way to write a cover letter for a German visa application?

It is better to structure a cover letter for your visa application than a complete essay. Simply answer 10 to 20 questions about your trip.

The FlightGen App will automatically write your cover letter for you.

What are the key points that should be included in my cover letter for a German visa application?

In your cover letter, you should mention the purpose of your travel, travel dates, day-wise travel plan, and documents submitted for German Schengen visa approbation.

Which document do I need to include in my cover letter for a visa application?

It is necessary to list all documents you intend to submit for visa approval. If you have any additional documents, please mention them.

Is it important to use the same font size and style when writing my cover letter for a visa application?

No. However, it is better to use a clear font that is concise and simple than fancy fonts. A maximum of 1 to 2 lines should be used, with proper formatting and line height. This should make it easy for the visa officer to read your visa letter.

What is the best cover letter for visa application?

The best cover letter contains all information about your travel in a simple format that is easy for the German officer to understand. FlightGen App produces the best cover letters in this regard.

What are the most important things to include in a cover letter for visa application?

Your cover letter should include the following: the purpose of travel, travel dates and day-wise travel plans. Also, please mention documents submitted to German Schengen visa approval.

In case the consulate wishes to contact you, it is a good idea to include your contact information.

What are some common mistakes that I should avoid when writing a cover letter for German visa application?

The most important thing to avoid when writing a cover letters is not being completely truthful or publishing false or fabricated material.