Create Cover letter for work visa in 5 minutes

A work visa is needed if you intend to or already have an offer letter and wish to engage in employment abroad. So it is very important that you create a good first impression with a good cover letter for work visa purpose.

But is a cover letter really needed ? What details must be included ? What is the format of a good cover letter ? How to write a cover letter ?

This article answers all the above questions and also show how you can make a perfectly formatted cover letter in under 5 minutes with FlightGen App.

Is a cover letter needed for work visa ?

Yes. Even though it may not be part of the published visa requirements, it is the only place where you can speak to the visa officer and urge them to approve your visa. That is why it is also called as personal cover letter, since most of the time we will not meet the visa officer in person.

In fact, a well known visa service facilitator asks the applicant to bring along a cover letter for their visa processing.

Should you bring cover letter for visa : Source VFS

Sample cover letter

Here is a sample cover letter created on our FlightGen App that led to approval of the visa of our customer.

What to write in a cover letter for work visa purpose ?

The most important details to include for work visa would be :

  • Addressing the consulate
  • Dates of travel
  • Purpose of travel. (Example : I have been offered a job with Daimler inc in Wolfsberg and will need a work visa to travel and engage in my new duties as marketing manager)
  • Documents submitted for your visa.
  • Your Contact information if the consulate wants to get in touch for some reason

You can use the above sample and make your own document or you could just get one at just $4.99.

For a work visa is has two main requirements. You do not have to provide day-wise itinerary 

In the visa requirements section of the letter you need to mention:

  • An employment contract issued to you from the company in the visiting country
  • Two Application forms

How to write a cover letter for work visa ?

If you use FlightGen App, there is no need to write anything. All you will need to do is download the app & provide the details necessary and you will be able to download a perfectly formatted cover letter as shown above.

The price for the cover letter is just $4.99 and with this you can make unlimited corrections whenever you need without any additional payment.

How to download FlightGen App ?

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