Best Visa cover letter Sample that works

In recent times, most of the visa consulates would want you to submit a visa letter for your visa as it is possible to get an overall understanding of a visa application by just reading your letter. But what is the visa consulate looking for? That is not clear as there is no visa cover letter sample that you can use.

But fret not, this article will provide you with the best visa cover letter sample that has worked for over 50,000 visa applicants and also how you can create your own letter in under 5 minutes.

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Is there a visa cover letter sample given by the consulate ?

No. unfortunately, the visa consulate has not given a template for a visa letter that you can use. But is easy to understand why it is so as the contents of the cover letter depends on the purpose of your travel. Some might be travelling for leisure, while others might be travelling for visiting a friend or relative, or it could be for a business meeting.

This makes it difficult to create a visa letter template that works for everyone. But in general, a well written cover letter sample would contain.

  1. Consulate address
  2. A subject line that describes the visa type.
  3. Dates that you intend to travel
  4. Reason for your travel.
  5. How is the trip sponsored ? by yourself or someone else you are related with
  6. Day wise tentative travel plan *
  7. Your employment or business status
  8. visa documents
  9. Your contact details.

(*) Travel plan is needed for tourist and business visas only. Not necessary for visitor or spouse visas.

Visa cover letter sample

Here is a visa letter sample that was prepared using FlightGen App for a visa application for his Germany Schengen Tourist visa. You will find this letter has all the components mentioned above in an ordered manner.

Consulate of Germany
50 Raffles Pl, #12-00 Singapore Land
Tower, Singapore 048623

Jan 14, 2023

Subject: Approval of my Schengen Tourist Visa with German Consulate

I would like to visit Germany for tourism between Jan 14, 2023 and Jan 24, 2023 I will also be
travelling to Austria, Spain .

Travel Purpose: I am going on a 10 day backpacking trip to Germany, spain and Austria. I have a friend
in Munich who will be joining me on my trip.

As Indian citizen, I need to get a Schengen Tourist Visa for the same.This would explain the details of
my trip and make a case for the issuance of my visa.

Jan 14, 2023 : Land in Munich and check in to my hotel near anguir
Jan 15, 2023 : take a day trip around Munich and taste their world class beer
Jan 16, 2023 : see the world famous Bayern Munich stadium
Jan 17, 2023 : take a train to Hallstatt and check in to my hotel
Jan 18, 2023 : Day tour around Hallstatt and near by villages
Jan 19, 2023 : Visit vienna and check in to my hotel
Jan 20, 2023 : visit Belvedere and take sky tram to the hills
Jan 21, 2023 : visit Valencia and check in to my hotel
Jan 22, 2023 : take a day trip around the city on hop on hop off bus
Jan 23, 2023 : fly back to Singapore from Barcelona

I am currently working at Stark Trevor Inc. as software lead engineer I am the bearer of all my travel
expenses on this trip
I am following the requirements as mentioned on the German consulate website.
Please find enclosed the following documents to support my Schengen Tourist Visa application

  • Proof of visa fee paid.
  • Flight itinerary from an agent. The itinerary will be ticketed once visa is approved.
  • Original and copy of my passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • Proof of my leave approval from my employer
  • Hotel bookings made for this trip.
  • Travel Itinerary during my trip as mentioned above.
  • My latest ITR which have been filed till date
  • Photos as per visa specification
  • My employment contract
  • Duly filled visa application form

I trust you will find that everything is in order. If you need to contact me for further clarification or additional details on my application my details are below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

………………….Date: Jan 14, 2023

( louis enriques )
Ph : +853134676
Email: [email protected]

Can I use the above visa letter sample by just modifying it slightly?

No. You can use the sample as an inspiration to make your own cover letter or use it to understand the structure of a cover letter. But the format of a cover letter would change based on your visa type.

But we are here to help you. If you want more samples we have them matching each visa type. We have articles targeting those sections

Is a visa letter needed for the visa Application?

Yes. Although it is not part of the requirements. We need to bring along a cover letter for almost all visa application . Here is the VFS official website asking for a personal cover letter with the visa application.

Should you bring cover letter for visa : Source VFS