Create cover letter for Medical visa in 5 minutes

Want to go abroad for a medical treatment? It is known that for the cost of a dental implant in the US you can fly to Spain have a great trip get your teeth fixed and fly back. But what you will also need is a Medical visa and as part of it’s visa requirements a cover letter for Medical visa

This article shows how you can make a cover letter for medical visa in under 5 minutes, perfectly formatted, and used over 5,000 customers using FlightGen App.

Is a cover letter needed for medical visa application ?

Yes. Although it might be not part of the visa requirements, you need to take full advantage of creating one since this is the only place where you can talk to the visa officer and make a case for the approval of your visa.

This is the first document that the consulate will read to understand your application better. In fact, recommends that you bring along your cover letter when you apply for your visa with them.

Sample cover letter

Here is the sample cover letter that is created using our FlightGen app, as you can see it is perfectly formatted and makes a strong case for the approval of your visa and very convincing to the visa officer.

What to write in a cover letter for medical visa ?

The most important details to include in your letter as seen in the above sample would be :

  • Addressing the consulate
  • Dates of travel
  • Countries of travel (If schengen or visiting multiple countries)
  • Purpose of travel. (Example : I am going to get a knee replacement surgery in Richard Hospital, Germany on the recommendation from my family doctor)
  • Who is bearing the expense for the treatment ?
  • proof of sustenance like bank balance or pre paid invoice for the treatment
  • Your employment or business information
  • Documents submitted for your visa.
  • Your Contact information if the consulate wants to get in touch for some reason

For a medical visa is has several changes compared to that of a tourist visa. You do not have to provide day-wise itinerary 

In the visa requirements section of the letter you need to mention:

  • Proof of payment towards treatment (if any)
  • A letter from the hospital of your home country stating the need for a treatment in the visiting country.
  • Letter of sponsorship towards the treatment (if any)
  • Appointment with the hospital in visiting country (if any)
  • A letter from Ministry of health stating that they will bear your expense (if any)

How to make a cover letter for medical visa ?

Using FlightGen App, it is far easier than to start off with a blank slate. The app is designed as a wizard which means you need to follow step by step instructions and your cover letter is ready for download.

All that is left to do is complete payment of $4.99 and download your letter and sign it !!.

CreateCover Letter for
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Your cover letter is the first document
that the consulate will read. 

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