Create Cover letter for student visa in 5 minutes

Planning to go abroad to study and take your career further ? The first thing you will need is a student visa & among the first requirements would be a cover letter for student visa.

A cover letter is the only point of contact between you and the visa officer and this is where you can convince them on why your visa needs to be approved. A strong cover letter therefore is very important, especially for a visa like student since there has been many cases where it has been used for working part time instead of studying.

This article shows you how to write a perfect letter in 5 minutes using FlightGen App.

Is a cover letter needed for student visa ?

Yes . But it is good news as this is the only place where you can speak to the visa consulate and make a case of your visa approval.

In fact, asks you to bring a cover letter along with you when you apply for a visa with them.

Should you bring cover letter for visa : Source VFS

What does a cover letter mean for student visa ?

A cover letter is simply a document addressing the consulate who is issuing your student visa explaining the facts of your travel such as travel dates, purpose of travel, documents submitted towards your visa & your contact information that makes a case for the approval of your visa.

Also the letter needs to be in an a4 sheet pdf format signed by you.

What to write in a cover letter for Student ?

For student visa the required documents would be :

  • Addressing the consulate of application
  • Trip Start date and End Date
  • Purpose of travel (which university, what course)
  • proof of sustenance as in bank statements of funds
  • Documents submitted for your visa.
  • Your Contact information if the consulate wants to get in touch for some reason .

Student visa is one of the simpler ones with less requirement. You do not have to provide day-wise itinerary nor do you need to provide complex visa documents. 

In the visa requirements section you need to mention:

  • Proof of enrolment in the institution
  • No objection certificate from your current college

Sample cover letter for student visa

The format for a student cover letter is as mentioned in the below pdf:

You are free to use the above sample and make your own cover letter or use FlightGen App to create your letter in 5 minutes.

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Your cover letter is the first document
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