Create cover letter for business visa in 5 minutes

A cover letter for business visa in the only place where you can “talk to” the visa consulate and convince them to issue your visa. what is the purpose of travel ? what is the duration of your stay ? how is the trip sponsored ?

These are the questions that the visa consulate need answers for before they consider your case for the issuance of a visa and it is for these reasons the quality and the details in your cover letter is very important when applying for a visa.

This article shows how you can create the perfect letter using FlightGen App.

What does a cover letter for a business visa mean ?

A cover letter in context of a business visa means a self attested document containing a summary of the purpose of travel, the itinerary that you intend to pursue and the documents submitted for a visa making a case for the issuance of your visa approval. This document is usually addressed to the consulate that is responsible for the approval of your visa.

A well written business cover letter would contain :

  • Addressing the consulate of visa application
  • Dates of travel
  • Country of travel
  • The business reason for travel such as meeting, training, short time work etc
  • Day wise travel itinerary breakdown of at least a few days.
  • Who is bearing the expense for the trip ? Either the inviting company, your company or you are suppose to pay from your own pocket and would be reimbursed later
  • Documents submitted for your visa.
  • Your Contact information if the consulate wants to get in touch for some reason

Sample Business cover letter for visa

Here is a sample cover letter that you can use as a template for your own visa purpose.

  • Travel Dates 
  • Purpose of travel such as attend a meeting , training or business contract negotiation.
  • Day wise itinerary (Only for important days of meeting) explaining what is the exact plan you have once you enter the country . Ex : 20/12/2022 : Land in Paris, 21/12/2022 : Attend meeting with Delloit Group , 22/12/2022 : Sign contract with ABibas Sporting Goods Company
  • Who is bearing the expense? Is it the inviting Company or the invitee company or are you handling the expenses and get reimbursed later
  • If you are self employed or working  ? Again the visa documents will change based on your work status.

How to create a business cover letter in 5 minutes ?

Note that we have not mentioned write or type but instead create . Yes you can create a cover letter in 5 minutes using FlightGen App.

Just follow the instructions mentioned in the below video and you will be able to make a cover letter for business visa in under 5 minutes.

At the end of it your letter is generated, now review it and after successful payment of $4.99, you can download your letter.

CreateCover Letter for
visa in 5 minutes

Your cover letter is the first document
that the consulate will read. 

Make a great first impression with
FlightGen App. 

Who should write the letter ?

The business cover letter must be written by the visa applicant, not the inviting company or the invitee, since this is a personal cover letter.